Having hands on experience in conducting research and trials in various aspects of animal agriculture industry Research & Development Division at Medion is equipped in bacteriology, parasitology, and pharmacology testing. We offer research collaboration, animal house rental, as well as related diagnostics essays to other institutions in Indonesia and around the world. Clinical trial cost can be lowered as the cost of labor and animal rearing is more economical in Indonesia. Although the cost is low, we guarantee that the result is valid and scientific based.

  • Head of R&D
    Directed by Melina Jonas MS MBA, who has formal education in Veterinary Preventive Medicine from Ohio State University as well as Microbiology degree from University of California, Davis. She has also been trained in Avian Influenza isolation and molecular characterization. She is supported by a capable team of Veterinarians who are able to conduct trials and related essays.
  • R&D organization
    Diagnostic and Service
    Animal testing
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